Autism Researcher Roy Richard Grinker wins prestigious “Anthropology in Media” Award

The American Anthropological Association announced today that George Washington University professor Roy Richard Grinker has been awarded the AAA’s 2010 Anthropology in Media award. This award was established in 1987 to recognize the successful communication of anthropology to the general public through the media. It seeks to honor those who have raised public awareness of anthropology and have had a broad and sustained public impact at local, national, and international levels.

Since the publication of his book “Unstrange Minds: Remapping the World of Autism” in 2007, media attention has mostly focused on Grinker’s work on the epidemiology of autism spectrum disorders. However, earlier books on anthropologist Colin Turnbull and relations between North and South Korea also attracted wide notice.

The AAA is recognizing Grinker both for his books and for his publications in major media venues. These include the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and New Scientist, and numerous broadcast appearances, including ABC’s 20/20 with Diane Sawyer, ABC’s World News Tonight with Charles Gibson, National Public Radio programs, and documentaries aired on PBS and distributed in movie theaters throughout North America.

Previous winners of the Anthropology in Media award are:

2009 John Noble Wilford
2008 James McKenna
2006 Eugenie Scott
2005 Meredith F. Small
2004 Melvin J. Konner
2002 John R. Rickford
1999 Donald C. Johanson
1997 Edward T. Hall
1996 Micaela di Leonardo
1995 Alan Lomax
1994 Katherine S. Newman
1993 Jonathan Benthall
1992 Jean Rouch, Jack Weatherford
1991 Ursula Le Guin
1990 Tony Hillerman
1989 Jane Goodall
1987 Stephen Jay Gould

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