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This is a guest post from ASF Science Writer Jerri Sparks Kaiser. Jerri, a parent of four children, one of whom has autism, blogs for ASF from a parent’s perspective about the latest autism research. A former Congressional Press Secretary, Jerri is an experienced science writer and has written specifically about autism for many years. Before her life in PR, she was a trained researcher having earned her B.A. in Psychology at UCLA. She currently lives with her family in New York.

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Is the rise in the rate of autism primarily a result of successful awareness campaigns?

That was my first thought when I read the Centers for Disease Control’s new prevalence report released last week.  With 1 in 88 children now being diagnosed on the autism spectrum, the urgency to find out why there is a 78% increase in the rise of autism diagnoses from 2002 and 23% since 2006, has never been stronger.

But with increased urgency we must avoid haphazard jumps to conclusion.  This is a 55% increase in diagnoses within only 4 years (from 2002-2006), which to my skeptical eye points to better awareness rather than an acute environmental change. However, it is only through a careful sifting of scientific evidence that we can truly surmise the cause(s) of the dramatic increase – a process which takes time. (more…)

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