CDSweep Makes it Easy to Clean Out Your Unwanted CDs & Support Autism Research!

You know you have piles of dusty CDs and DVDs somewhere in your house. You’ve long since converted everything to digital, so now what do you do with all those jewel cases? Donate them, of course!

CDSweep ( launches today as an easy way to do a clean sweep of all your unwanted CDs and DVDs and help fund critical autism research. Just box up all of your old discs, ship them free with prepaid FedEx labels, and for each disc received a donation will be made to ASF.

Go to, enter the amount of discs you’d like to send, and you’ll be emailed a prepaid FedEx label to ship them all for free. Your donation is tax-deductible and provides funding directly to scientists conducting innovative autism research and supports the needs of people with autism and their families. Each disk will be valued at up to 50 cents each! You can even request that your CDs be digitized and sent back to you as MP3s for free.

A HUGE THANK YOU goes to the volunteer committee who put this project together. Thank you team!

Jason Roth, Founder
Ken Waagner, Smartley-Dunn Solutions, Ltd.
Seth Mnookin, author, “The Panic Virus”
Debbi Dougherty-Roth, ad:tech
Sarah Wefald, graphic designer
Kris Schrey, iPodmeister

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