Your Autism/Vaccine Questions Answered

The Vaccinate Your Baby project, sponsored by Every Child By Two, has launched a new website featuring video answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about vaccines and autism. Several experts in the fields of immunization and autism participated and their answers have been edited into short video clips.

Participants include:

  • Paul Offit, MD, Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases and Director, Vaccine Education Center, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Board Member of the Autism Science Foundation
  • Alison Singer, Co-Founder & President, Autism Science Foundation and parent of a child with autism
  • Mark Sawyer, MD, Professor, Clinical Pediatrics and Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist, UCSD School of Medicine & Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego
  • Mary Beth Koslap-Petraco, DNP(c), CPNP, Coordinator, Child Health Suffolk County Department of Health Services, NY 

The questions cover a wide range of topics, including Why Vaccinate?, Why Follow the Recommended Immunization Schedule?, and What does the Science Tell Us About Autism and Vaccines?

To view the video clips, visit

3 Replies to “Your Autism/Vaccine Questions Answered”

  1. These videos are just excellent. They’re short enough that they’re not a big commitment to watch, but they give full answers to the questions. The experts do a great job with their explanations. Terrific resource!

  2. Is a DVD available of the autism/vaccination clip? We would like to show this in the lobby at our health department? If so, how can I obtain the DVD and what is the cost?

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